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Art Mediums

Art Install

The professional art installation service offers expertise in carefully placing and hanging artwork within one’s home, ensuring each piece is thoughtfully showcased to enhance the overall aesthetic and create a harmonious ambiance that elevates the living space.


Our charming art boutique offers a treasure trove of carefully curated pieces, from paintings and sculptures to intricate handmade crafts, providing art enthusiasts with a delightful shopping experience that allows them to bring a touch of beauty into their own lives.

Art Walk

The vibrant Art Walk event brings the community together as they stroll through the streets, encountering a myriad of breathtaking artworks displayed in galleries and public spaces, igniting conversations and fostering a deep appreciation for creativity.

New Art

The emergence of new art forms and innovative techniques challenges traditional boundaries, pushing the envelope of creativity and inspiring artists to explore uncharted territories, leading to captivating and thought-provoking works that captivate the viewer’s imagination.

November’s Featured Artist

Sharon Vogt

Jewelry made by: Sharon Vogt

November’s Featured Artist

Sharon Vogt

Jewelry made by: Sharon Vogt

Thank you to all who made it out to see us on November’s First Friday Art Walk!

We hope to see you on December 1st for the next Friday Friday Art Walk in downtown Fairhope!

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